NASNICO Building Company is an Italian owned family building company with significant experience in the realisation of turnkey projects.

Our commitment fully expresses our vision: NASNICO intended as unique - The final objective is creating a one of a kind product, a symbol of elegance, class, elevated quality, and taste.

NASNICO offers a full range of services - from concept design to the realisation of each single part of any project.

A taste for all things beautiful, a precise characteristic of the “Italian” way of life, together with an attention to detail, make NASNICO a company striving for excellence. We guarantee our clients the possibility to see their visions come true, in a unique style and based on an exclusive approach.

We are the ideal support for grafting the competencies of a wide range of disciplines linked to the world of design into a common passion for creativity, innovation and experimentation.


Our distinctive and selective approach is a guarantee of elegance quality and style. These are the characteristics of an Italian tradition that holds true to a single guiding principle: the search for beauty, with highly skilled attention to detail applied to each phase of the building process, considered as the hallmark of excellence personifying our heritage synonymous with the words “Italian Made”

Concept Realisation Process

The constant inspection and monitoring of each phase of this process ensure a complete service of the highest quality, elegance, and sophistication.

Wellbeing - "Vita Sana"

NASNICO places great emphasis on the quality of the environment as it has a great importance for our well being and impacts immediately on our health.

In Italian, “Vita Sana” personifies the meaning to live a healthy life in all aspects whether it's your environment, lifestyle, diet and so on. So true to the Italian way of life a good building is above all a place that promotes a healthy environment. Therefore, the home must be carefully designed, constructed with quality materials, quality workers and supported by meticulous supervision. We are acutely aware of the impact of real estate and our work can have on the environment and take our responsibilities very seriously. We are committed to combining high-quality design with sustainable principles.

A new challenge: sustainable construction.

In the building sector, sustainability involves aspects related to the environment, energy efficiency, water consumption, the quality of life of the occupants, the relationship between the costs and benefits in the long term to building materials.

For materials, attention is drawn to their health towards the occupants and the environment and ease of supply and disposal.

In terms of energy, sustainable buildings involve the ways in which energy is produced and the 'efficiency with which it is used. A home’s energy efficiency is connected to the properties of the materials that are used, an orientation of the building according to the direction of sunlight and the use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels.