Premium Plaster

NASNICO Premium Plaster- is an internal/external natural lime based wall coating exclusive to NASNICO clients as an optional extra. As we promote wellbeing, NASNICO premium plaster offers clients the added benefit of healthy living.

NASNICO Premium Plaster is an artisan finish that creates an individual environment with a natural product. Also commonly known as either polished plaster, marmorino, stucco veneziano, venetian plaster etc, NASNICO Premium Plaster can be finished from a glass reflective finish to a more textured stone look.

Lime based wall finishes have been used for thousands of years. From the tombs of the Pyramids of Giza to the Sistine Chapel, lime stucco has been a key ingredient in great architecture on six continents for over 5000 years. Ancient Romans were thought to have perfected lime plasters to a higher art than previous cultures incorporating unlimited decorative elements. Lime plasters were widely recognized for their beauty, feel and longevity. Perhaps most importantly, it was the structural qualities that were most desired. Lime plasters are breathable, water tolerant, absorb carbon dioxide, are naturally resistant to mildew and fungus, self healing on exteriors and easily repairable.

NASNICO Premium Plaster is made from locally sourced Australian raw materials and are based on the same formulas as those used in ancient times. Our plasters are crafted without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) making them non-toxic and free of chemicals. NASNICO Plaster brings natural beauty, vibrant colours, and a healthier environment to any home or business - adding that touch of luxury!


The culture of plaster/stucco dates back to ancient times. It is thought that its origins date back more than five thousand years ago, where the use of "lime" based plaster was used in the eastern regions of Iran.

The old plaster containing lime was not only a very effective natural material used in the construction and protection of the structures of buildings, but in skilled hands of master plasterers, represented decorative art.

Over time a number of finishes have been developed such as: “Marmorino” (which literally means little marble), Venetian stucco which is highly polished finish, Spatolato being applied to obtain a uniform finish, and so on… – In all plaster/stucco is a very complex term and includes numerous different meanings that encompass all the changes that have taken place in its composition over the years.
Plaster is foremost something that covers the buildings - but besides physically protecting the walls from the infiltration of the outside elements and providing a smooth surface, depending on how it is applied provides a natural decorative finish which once it dries forms a layer of artificial stone, which is extremely stable, breathable and durable, resistant to any sort of weather. Ancient buildings around the world are testament to this fact.

It is important to note that in today’s markets there are various products claiming to be “polished plaster” some synthetic whilst some natural. At NASNICO, we prefer to remain true to our heritage and produce a natural product based on ancient formulae.

NASNICO Premium Plasters are based on lime, limestone, marble powders, coloured pigments and a selection of mineral additives which are biocompatible with the environment, even in case of disposal, The natural raw materials, accurately selected, gives “NASNICO Premium Plaster” without using chemical additives, the advantage of dispersing humidity which inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria. In comparison to synthetic paints whereas moisture in the substrate will affect the adhesiveness of the surface coating, lime based plasters have the ability to breathe, thus allowing the moisture to transpire out of the substrate.

NASNICO Plaster Products


Nasnico 150 is a lime based product containing a selection of mineral additives, limestone/marble powders (up to 1500 microns in size) providing a durable plaster finish of medium thickness. Normally used as the base coarse for both external and internal applications. In both applications NASNICO 150 can be also be used to provide a textured or satin finished coating.

NASNICO 40 Coarse

NASNICO 40 coarse is a lime based product containing a selection of mineral additives, limestone/marble powders (up to 400 microns in size) providing a durable plaster finish of fine thickness. Normally used as the final coating for both external and internal applications Nasnico 40 can be used to provide a satin or gloss/translucent finished coating.


NASNICO 40 fine is a lime based product containing a selection of mineral additives, limestone/marble powders (up to 400 microns in size) providing a durable plaster finish of fine thickness. Normally used as the final coating for internal applications to obtain a silk smooth translucent finished coating.

NASNICO Wax Sealer

NASNICO wax sealer is used for internal surfaces requiring additional protection and lustre. NASNICO wax sealer is made from raw natural materials based on a combination of waxes, oils and other additives. Nasnico wax sealer improves the resilience of external day to day grime penetrating into the surface pores. The treated surfaces will remain stable in time without chromatic alterations.